Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wall Gardening

Wall Gardening

How would you like to have fun and play an active part in cleaning up our environment
If you live in the city or in urban areas you probably see a lot of walls & fences. Most of the time these walls & fences are barren of color or any kind of creativity. But first let me explain

The planting of ivy to climb up walls of buildings has been around for hundreds of years.

People are beginning to believe green building practices can lead to the developement and
use of living walls as a means of art and cleaning the air we breath and improving a buildings
indoor and outdoor architecture. Wall gardens are a living, breathing, regenerating type of
gardening that can be enjoyed as living art or as a biological air filter.

The first area of wall gardening is a vertical garden with all the benefits of a living garden.
Wall gardens both indoors & outdoors decrease local CO2 emmisions, reduce noise, traps dust,
and increases moisture in the air. Interior wall gardens can boost morale and productivity.

The fresher the air is indoors keeps people more alert and feeling healthier. Now the outside
wall garden reduces the heat that buildings absorb from the sun during daylight hours and reduces energy costs, and also gives protection from the effects of UV radiation and acid rain. Buildings in the city & urban areas retain the heat of the sun during the day that causes what is known as the Heat Island Effect. This is what happens when the forest is replaced with concrete and asphalt making the city & urban areas warmer than nature areas.
I believe we can have a profound effect on our environment and can make the whole world a better place to live.

Try growing grapes, they are a vinning plant and will grow vertical.

Heres another fantastic website that I guarantee will help you get started: