Saturday, August 9, 2008

What can I do to help with the environment?

Most people want to do something to help with the environment, or go green as the popular term suggests. But they do not know what they can do about it. Well I have some possible answers I would like to share with you. Gardening can be done in so many ways that if we use only some of them we can have a big impact on the environment around us. Take vertical gardening for instance we could plant some ivy at the base of a wall and watch these beautiful plants grow up the wall.

Not only are you helping with energy costs for the building that the vines are growing on but you are also cleaning the air we breath, and also we are taking a plain wall and make it functional like a piece of art work, and is soothing to the eye. Not only are you helping with the environment, you can take pride in growing something and watch how it grows and matures into a beautiful plant.This is just one of many ways to contribute to the effort to help the planet and ourselves to have a better way of life.

By Ron Shankel

Here are a couple of sites that may help you get started:

I am going to try to continue to add to this, and i would appreciate any comments or feedback that you may have i believe we can start to make a difference, one thing at a time.
thanks Ron.