Friday, January 23, 2009

Some tips about growing green onions

It's great planting a garden with green onions in the spring, you till the soil and plant your seed in a long row and wait for the sprouts to come up, now the best thing about this is you get to thin the rows so the plants don't get crowded. These onions in there infant stage are the sweetest onions you will ever taste, I wish I could have a boat load of them. But make sure you give them enough room to develop. I like to thin them a little at a time and have onions from the beginning of the garden season right up to the time of harvest.

Be sure to let some of the onions go to seed so you will have seeds to plant in your garden in the spring. This works great because you buy the seeds once and you have seeds forever.


Ron the Garden Guy said...
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Concrete Jungle LA said...

I agree - green onions are the BEST! I thin mine and use them in omlettes for an early morning treat. They grow well, even on the roof top of an LA loft.