Sunday, February 8, 2009

Soap to the Rescue

I have this African violet plant that I have had for 8 years now. About a month ago I got up one morning to get ready for work and I noticed about two thirds of the leaves were lying on the counter. I could not believe my eyes, so I got down real close and took a good look at the plant and some kind of cutworm was whacking off all my African violet leaves.

So I sprang into action and got some Ivory Soap and mixed it with water, I used about two cap full's to a cup of water and applied it to the plant spraying the leaves and watering it with the solution. The next day I found a couple more leaves on the counter so this time I said it's time for war, I doubled the amount of Ivory Soap I used the first time and totally soaked the plant so I had to drain it several times to keep from drowning it. About a week later I found some new growth on the plant and It's been a month now and the plant is doing great. I'm not sure what insect got to the African violet but the Ivory Soap surely did the trick.

Now you have to make sure that you use Soap and not Detergent, detergent will kill the plants so I always use Ivory Soap and keep it handy in the house and in the garden. If anyone has an idea as to what insect this may have been I sure would like to hear from you.

by Ron


Concrete Jungle LA said...

I am going to try this approach - I have a mystery bug laying eggs in my sage.

Thanks for the tip!

Greenfingers said...

Nice post buddy! Sometimes I try to catch the culprit and bring it to my African Lovebirds. Hahaha! But nice tip buddy. I appreciate this and I'll try if it will work. And oh, hope you could upload some pictures okay? Thanks in advance! God Bless.