Thursday, February 19, 2009

Try Growing Asparigus

This vegetable is so good for you, and the best thing is it comes up every year because it is a perennial, once you plant this it will come up every year and get better with age. When you plant asparagus you won’t see a productive plant for about 2 years. Sometimes you may be able to harvest the next year but it won’t produce much. But give it a couple years and in the spring you will see the thick shoots start coming up from the ground. When the stems are about 6 to 8 inches high they are ready to harvest.
Another good thing they will keep coming up all season so you will have fresh asparagus all season long. You may also want to cann these because they are a great winter treat for dinner. When you plant asparagus be sure and follow the instructions that come with the plant because there is a special way to plant these with the roots growing down and away from each other.


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crazy thingz said...

its very useful!! thx for the growing asparagus information..asparagus is very good for our health :)