Sunday, March 8, 2009

Compost Tea

Compost tea is effective on many pests because of certain microorganisms that exist in it naturally. Here's how to make compost tea at home. Use any container but a plastic bucket is easy for the homeowner. Fill the 5-15 gallon bucket half full of compost and finish filling with water. Let the mix sit for 10-14 days and then dilute and spray on the foliage of any and all plants including fruit trees, perennials, annuals, vegetables and roses, and other plants, especially those that are regularly attacked by insects or fungal pests. It's very effective for example on black spot on roses and early blight on tomatoes. How to dilute the dark compost tea before using depends on the compost used. A rule of thumb is to dilute the leach ate down to one part compost liquid to four to ten parts water. It should look like iced tea. Be sure to strain the solids out with old pantyhose, cheese cloth, or row cover material. Add two tablespoons of molasses to each gallon of spray for more power. Add citrus oil for even greater pest killing power.

Another good thing about Compost Tea is it good nourishment for the roots of plants. You will have to make quite a bit of tea but the benefits are much better. Now don’t use the compost Tea all the time , about once every two weeks should be enough.



Randy Emmitt said...

Thanks this was a very helpful post.

Concrete Jungle LA said...

I enjoy making compost tea with some scrappings from my worm farm. Just a tea spoon or two of scrappings, let them soak in your watering can overnight, and boom - you have a nice pick me up for your plants in the morning. I agree with Ron, don't do this too often. Great post Ron!

Paul said...

Actively Aerated compost tea is the only way to go. When compost tea is made without aeration, most of the microorganisms are anaerobic. It takes oxygen to keep them alive & effective. Also, "feed" the tea with nutrients while brewing. This will cause the microbes to multiply. Go to for more info.