Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our New Friend

Last week I heard some noise in our atrium in the bathroom, when I looked out into the atrium this little guy was out there making a little nest to sleep in. He has been there for a week now and he seems to be quite comfortable. When I get up in the morning to go to work I will see him all curled up and he will sleep till about 4 or 5 in the afternoon
Sound Asleep



It’s funny how animals learn to adapt to their environment. We have been feeding him a little but we don’t want him to depend on us alone to survive. After he gets up he will come to the front of the house and eat and drink his water and off he goes into the night.

Good Night


RainGardener said...

How sweet is that. He is just adorable. My parents had a baby one many years ago. He drank from a bottle and held it while falling asleep. One Thanksgiving all of the pies were out in the garage on top of the freezer. He somehow found a way in and played in them. I don't know that he ate alot but mostly played.

Anonymous said...

He does look too comfy. Cute though and I laughed cause he looks like a real charmer.

Anonymous said...

Hi ~~ I'm a first time visitor. Your little raccoon is so cute. Hopefully he won't wear out his welcome by inviting the relatives. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog. I enjoy the beauty of nature. When I was a boy, my grandmother had a family of raccoons living in the tree behind her house, I remember spending hours staring out the back window hoping get a peak at them.
Thanks for the memory.