Sunday, June 14, 2009

Be Prepared this Hurricane Season

The season runs from June 1st – November 30th. That does not mean there can’t be a tropical storm in May or October. It’s just one of those things where you have to start somewhere. Since the frequency of tropical development in June normally does show a small increase, June 1st is as good an official starting place as any other.

There have been some pretty wicked hurricanes in June, which include the likes of Agnes and Audrey, both of which were very devastating storms. Audrey reached Category 4 intensity making it the strongest June hurricane on record. Then of course who can forget Hurricane Agnes, which produced unprecedented flooding from Virginia to upstate New York.

In June, Atlantic Basin tropical storms are most likely to form in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and just off the Southeast coast of the United States. Storms are unlikely to occur through the central and eastern Atlantic this early in the season, since sea surface temperatures are below the threshold for storm development.

The names for this year’s storms have also been released. The names sound so harmless, like Bill, Fred, Kate or Mindy, but as you know those names will become synonymous with damage and destruction if the hurricane makes landfall. We have already had our first tropical depression of the year as well.

Whether it is a below average, average or above average season, it is critical that you get prepared early. If you live in hurricane country along the gulf coast or eastern seaboard, you should have a 72 hour kit, food and water and emergency supplies to help you survive the storms when they come. Like I have said, it is better to be prepared years early than 1 minute too late.

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Dragonfly Lady said...

They key is always PREPARATION, thanks for the reminder, here in FL it always comes in handy to have a refresher!