Monday, September 28, 2009

½ Acre Premium Garden Seeds - #10 CAN

Our premium non-hybrid, non-GMO, open pollinated garden seeds are a must for your emergency supplies. Each seed variety is hermetically sealed in triple foil Mylar bags and then sealed again inside our super tough #10 can to give you the longest shelf life possible. Produced by one of our nation's top seed companies, these non-hybrid seeds will give you reliable, fresh vegetables when you need it the most. Each can comes with 16 individual seed pouches.

These are not the same type of seeds that you buy at your local garden store. Unlike most seeds you buy locally, these seeds are non-hybrid, which means that you can reuse the seeds each year giving you an endless supply of fresh, nutritious vegetables. Because of their unique qualities and packaging, these seeds can be very difficult to come by. Buy yours today!

● 16 extra large seed packets - each seed packet will give you about 10 times more seeds than an average seed packet you buy at the store.
● Premium, non-hybrid, open pollinating, non-GMO seed varieties. These seeds are not genetically modified
● These special non-hybrid seeds allow you to harvest your own seeds for future plantings
● Hermetically sealed in triple foil packets with a resealable top so they can be reused
● Packets are sealed in a durable air tight, #10 can
● Includes detailed instructions on soil preparation, planting, and harvesting
● 5 year shelf life at 75° F - Each 6° drop in storage temperature will double the shelf life
● Enough seeds to plant well over a ½ acre garden
● Buying these seeds at your local retailer could easily cost you over $100 and not give you the nearly the same quality or shelf life.

Garden Seeds (16 Packets | 540 grams):

5 oz - SWEET CORN: Golden Bantam
10 g - ONION: Utah Sweet Spanish
10 g - SPINACH: Bloomsdale Long Standing
10 g - WINTER SQUASH: Waltham Butternut
10 g - ZUCCHINI SQUASH: Black Beauty
10 g - RADISH: Champion
5 g - TOMATO: Rutgers
10 g - SWISS CHARD: Lucullus
5 oz - PEA: Lincoln
10 g - BEET: Detroit Dark Red
10 g - CABBAGE: Golden Acre
5 g - LETTUCE: Barcarolle Romaine
10 g - CUCUMBER: Marketmore 76
10 g - CARROT: Scarlet Nantes
5 g - PEPPER: Yolo Wonder
5 oz - POLE BEAN: Blue Lake ½

Save money on survival seeds.

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