Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tomatoes, One of America’s Favorites

When planting tomatoes be sure and set the plants deeper in the soil than in the original container. Be sure and use mulch or black plastic ground cover to maintain even soil temperature and moisture. A light side dressing of fertilizer may be applied when blossoms first appear. Also while plants are small you should put a tomato cage or some other type of support, so when the plant is mature it will not fall over from the weight of the tomatoes. Soil should be well limed before planting, this and even moisture levels will help prevent Blossom-End Rot. Select tomato varieties that are resistant to disease. Harvest tomatoes when red and juicy. A the end of the season, pick green tomatoes before the first frost and wrap in a single layer of newspaper and bring indoors to ripen.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Great advice Ron. I usually lay mine down in a otrench and then the roots form all along the stem. I ordered a new hybrid from Burpee called Brandy Boy. Have you had any experience with this one?


gilbert landscaping said...

Tomatoes are one of my very favorite things to grow in my garden. They seem to taste so much better then store bought. Cheers~

platform bed said...

It seems like everyone likes tomatoes a lot! My mother's garden has lots of tomatoes and they are all so nice and big.