Friday, July 16, 2010

Saving Seeds

When acquiring seed to grow vegetables make sure you buy Heirloom seeds. Do not buy hybrid seeds because you cannot save these seeds. Once you grow them they will not reproduce. Heirlooms seed are the best because they are handed down from generation to generation with the same elements that helped our grandparents survive with a healthy diet and without all these problems we have today with our health. It’s time to get back to basics before it is too late. Gather seed even if you do not garden, In the near future you may need this seed to live on because it will keep for a few years.


pickle said...

good article nonetheless. It was so long ago that we have all forgotton this Heirloom Plants and Seeds. WE MUST ALL BEGIN TO PRESERVE OUR HEIRLOOM seeds!! the consequences to our children may be something we could not even dream of. Hybrid food is the last choice for test mice and the like.....WONDER WHY??? possible they know it is not the "healthy choice".

Ron said...

We need to get more people gardening so they can learn the importance of Heirloom seeds.

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But saving seeds is not an easy job for every one. I don't know much about heirloom seeds, as I have never tried them, But I tried to save capsicum seeds , but I failed :(