Thursday, September 23, 2010

Container Gardening Tips

I'm a firm believer in container gardening. This type of gardening has many advantages, first you can control the amount of water the plant needs, and if the environment get bad like a storm you can move the plants to a safe place until the storm or whatever passes by. But the best part is you can be right there to watch them grow and develop. Now you want to make sure that your container is deep enough to contain the roots so you want to have enough room for the plant to grow. A good rule of thumb is the roots will grow down about half as far as the plant grows above ground. Another thing is please make sure your containers are clean and free of cleaning products. This will have a profound effect on how your plants do over the season because of the residual effect of cleaners.

I find it useful to use 5 gallon containers to grow most of my plants. This way you know the roots have plenty of room to grow. Be sure to put a layer of gravel on the bottom about one inch high and put about 8 to 10 holes in the bottom of the bucket to assure good drainage for the plant. And use the best soil you can get. I have found that a rich dark brown soil with some moisture makes the best medium for most plants. Before you put the gravel in the bucket make sure you rinse and clean the gravel to make sure it is free of contaminants.


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Passionate Blogger said...

I believe you are right. My wife and I have tried planting on the ground and it's been a very challenging experience for us... All the weeds and the ever-changing weather! Very good articles you have here. I enjoy reading them.

Josh Delcore swimming said...

wow...! You share a very useful tips for gardening. That are very useful for gardening lover's. I love gardening and I will try these tip.

FFMag said...

Useful, useful stuff. Thanks for all the intel, will be checking back again.

Jessica said...

I have decided to buy some palms to put inside my house, I think its like deca palm or something. I will have to come back and comment again to give you the accurate name. But it seems to be picky with me, it only likes a certain place in my apartment.

Is this usual of most plants?

Ron said...

Jessica, I believe you plant may like sunlight or a different type of indirect sunlight. Sometimes you have to let the plant decide.

Seedplanter Designs said...

Wonderful tips! I grew five tomato plants in containers this year and they did much better than they used to in the ground.

Love your blog!